These Additional Services cost a little extra – depending on your individual requirements.


Are you struggling to find images to illustrate your site?

  • I can help find or edit royalty free images using Adobe software or we can arrange a photographer to take professional quality photographs to add to your website.
  • I am happy to add any of your images to your site as part of the Package that you choose.
  • But if you would like me to create, edit or take images specifically for your website then this can be arranged.
  • I can also search for a variety of royalty-free images that can be added to your site, saving you time and energy.
  • Whatever business you’re in I can create, develop and train you to edit the website in a matter of weeks!

Contact me for more information on images for your website.

Logos and Branding

Do you have a logo for your business?

Do you need a way for customers recognise you more?

  • Crossley Websites works with a professional graphic designer who can tailor make a logo just for your business
  • I can arrange a consultation for development of logos and branding
  • This could be used as part of social media marketing, newsletters, traditional marketing and tailored stationary.
  • Or design business cards, flyers to promote your business and more – just ask!


Don’t have enough content for your website? Or is your site too wordy?

  • I can help develop your content so that it describes your business in a positive way directly for your target audience.
  • I can create your website content from scratch through interviews and research.
  • I can develop your existing content so that your business message is clear, positive and written for your target audience.

Contact me for more information on content for your website.


Crossley Websites can also help with marketing your business.

  • I can look at your website and suggest ways to increase visitors to your site, spreading awareness of your small business.
  • This could be through improved marketing materials, keywords, Meta tags or promotional ideas.
  • I can use social media to market your business or help you to develop a digital marketing strategy

Contact me for more information on marketing for your website.

Setting up Social Media Accounts and Pages

  • I can set up and populate social media accounts for you.
  • I will also train you and give you tips and advice on using your chosen social media platform so that when it is complete you know exactly what to do.
  • I can look at your existing social media accounts and suggest ways you can improve it to reach more customers

Web Testing and Improvement

Already have a website but not sure it sends the right message?

  • Crossley Websites are happy to review your existing website, test links and proofread pages for any typos.
  • I can also suggest ways in which your site can be improved in terms of navigation, style, accessibility and usability.

Contact me for more information on web testing for your website.

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