My name is Nic Crossley and I created my first website through WordPress in 2004.

Since then I have created many more websites and as my role as the Information Officer, at a Charity in Chesterfield, I designed and developed a large-scale website and several minor websites.

I have years of experience in marketing and using social media tools such as Facebook pages, Twitter and Pinterest (to name but a few) so if you want social media support alongside your website it’s easy to set up.

I have experience in web creation and maintenance, I have worked as a freelance writer and in marketing too; so if you’re struggling to develop content for your new website I can help there as well.

I have developed Crossley Websites for people, businesses and organisations that would love to have a website but don’t have the time to create one themselves.

I’m offering to take the hassle out of starting a website from scratch.

If you’d like to see examples of the websites I’ve already created then visit the Showcase or read comments from happy customers.

Find out more about what I do…