My name is Nic Crossley and I built my first website in 2004 when I moved to Japan and thought to myself – ooh a great way for my family and friends to keep up to date with my adventures is a blog (remember this is pre-Facebook!) so I started using WordPress! I got myself a domain name and managed to put it on the internet and THEN the hard work began.

How could I make what I wanted to say appear in the places I wanted it to appear.

What about pictures? What about the theme? Why is it when I add something there and appears somewhere I wasn’t expecting?

And after about 6 months of trial and error I finally had a website!

BUT by that time I literally had NOTHING TO SAY!

This is why I started Crossley Websites.

I realised there were lots of people like me who really wanted a website but didn’t know where to start, felt intimidated or didn’t have any time.

In 2008 in my role as the Information Officer at a Charity in Chesterfield, I designed and developed a large-scale website and several minor websites, saving them thousands of pounds, and re-igniting my passion for web design.

In 2010 I started creating WordPress websites for small to medium businesses and haven’t stopped since.

I have created Photography websites, online shops, online membership sites, online courses, Race websites and Cake websites.

I’ve done large websites with hundreds of pages to one-page everything on the homepage promotion sites, everything from Plant machinery to community spaces, podiatry to photography, accessories to ultras!

Since moving to Scotland in 2018 I have been developing websites part-time around raising my 5 children, and I love it; websites are like puzzles to me, I get excited when someone asks me if I can do X or Y on their site because if I don't know it means I get to learn something new!