Professional, low-cost web for your business

I can set up your professional, 100% responsive website, add content, images and links to give you a fully workable live website in a quick time frame.

I design the site to your vision, so that it looks professional, does what you want it to do and matches your branding - this frees up your time so you can develop your content.

I take the hassle out of starting a website from scratch!

I will also train you to update, maintain and edit your website so you’ll have complete control when it’s finished OR you can choose a maintenance package to ensure that your site remains safe, online 24/7 and working properly.

I can provide a range of options to suit your business from e-commerce and booking systems to social media interactions, promoting events and more.

There is no one-size-fits-all website

It’s easy to create a professional looking website but if you’ve never done it before it can seem daunting.

Most websites need only basic computer skills to create but it can be time-consuming figuring out format and style through trial and error and if you want something individual you will need to learn how to code.

Buying your own domain name and web hosting is reasonable in price but if you’re not sure where to look you could end up with a raw deal costing you hundreds.

Then there’s choosing the right content software for you AND learning how to use it!



The solution

Crossley Websites provides quality, affordable web design ideal for both business and personal websites.

If you:

  • lack the time to create a website from scratch
  • had little or no previous experience of website creation or design
  • have a limited budget
  • need a website fast!
Keep your customers


Why do I need a website?


A website can benefit your business in a number of ways by:


Promoting your business

Showcasing your work

Marketing products and services

Accessing customers 24 hours a day 7 days a week

Why does your business NEED a website?


It’s not only large organisations that need websites, smaller businesses can greatly benefit through using the internet to generate business, market products and services and gather warm leads.

Whatever sector you’re working in the web can be a powerful tool, here’s some examples of how:


A website can be used to promote your business.

It can be used to showcase examples of your work whether that’s through a gallery, jukebox, videos or a blog.

With the careful use of links, tags and keywords your website can be easily located through search engines such as Google.

A website never closes so your existing or potential customers can find out everything they need to know at any time.

A website is one of the quickest ways to market products and services, as it can be updated with fresh information in minutes.

It’s also a cost effective way of contacting customers; they can subscribe to your mailing list getting the latest offers or developments straight to their inbox (a potential saving of hundreds of pounds compared to traditional mail shots).

Almost everyone uses the Internet to find services they require as it’s so accessible; they don’t even have to leave the comfort of their own home!

This article from BBC News highlights why small businesses need a website to attract customers (or give customers peace of mind) and how using it effectively can market your business to a wider audience. Read the article here.


What are you waiting for?


If you’re missing out on this market Crossley Websites can create your website exactly to your individual requirements in a short space of time and at a fraction of the cost of employing a web designer AND equip you with the tools to have complete control of the site when it’s complete, if that’s what you require.


Book a free consultation today or get in touch for more information.


My name is Nic Crossley and I created my first website through WordPress in 2004.

In 2008 in my role as the Information Officer at a Charity in Chesterfield, I designed and developed a large-scale website and several minor websites, saving them thousands of pounds, and re-igniting my passion for web design.

In 2010 I decided to start creating more WordPress websites for businesses and I've had the pleasure of designing all kinds of websites from one to multiple pages, from plant machinery to photography, from e-commerce to membership sites.

Since being made redundant in 2013 I have been developing websites part-time around raising my 4 children, and I love it; websites are like puzzles to me, I get excited when someone asks me if I can do X or Y on their site because if I don't know it means I get to learn something new!

Everything is customisable



Anyone can build a website but not everyone has the time

Almost 2 decades of web design experience

100% responsive for any device

quick set-up and launch

Full training on how to edit and maintain

1 year free domain name

1 year free hosting


I believe that ANYONE can create a website, with the number of web tutorials out there, free sites and drag and drop software it’s easy!

BUT will it look any good? Will It do what you want it to do? And how much of your valuable time will it take up doing it yourself?


That’s why I set up Crossley Websites – to take the stress and hassle out of setting up your own website. Find out more about me.



CW is an eco-friendly company (paper free, low travel etc)



Features such as tabs, accordions, galleries, slideshows, videos, icons, boxes, contact forms

Blog - promoting and can be inked to sm

display sm feeds and accounts



Worked with; race directors, kitchen design, retail, fitness professionals, charities, Photographers, therapists



why should my site be responsive?

Who is responsilble for looking after the site once it's completed?

What if I make a mistake and break the site?

Can I contact you for support?

I don't have any images what can I use?

I have a lot of content and don't know the best way to arrange it online, what can I do?

Can my website integrate with existing business processes?




New website

revamp old website

add features - shop, booking system, online learning, membership area

Email digest

Blog platform


Set up email campaign

Events and ticketing/booking

Annual review - suggestions


There's no one-size-fits-all

Giving you the website that you need that fits your branding and that you can use, easily and quickly.




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